V-Wrap™ Installation
V-Wrap™ Interior installation
V-Wrap™ Exterior installation
V-Wrap™ Interior installation
Public-Private Partnership
the southern United States
Project Team 
Material Supplier
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Strengthening & Reinforcement of a New Chimney

Project Highlights 
  • Schedule: Repair required minimum allotment of time to maintain schedule. 
  • Material: Mutliple products used to acheive deisred structural capacity
  • Quality & Performance:  Repair was designed to reinforce against seismic activtity and did so under budget & on-time
Project Description 

A new power plant in the southern United States was being constructed when the builders noticed that a portion seismic reinforcement was inadvertently omitted, creating a major structural defect within the chimney. The project was on a very stringent schedule, so removal or replacement of the sections was not an option.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES was contacted to assist with the repair. Augmenting the engineering firm of record, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES helped determine that a carbon fiber strengthening system, V-Wrap™, would provide sufficient reinforcement when used in conjunction with Tstrata™ Enlargement Systems that widened the base of the structure by 8 feet and the use of steel plates around the breach openings. STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES designed the use of these products and supplied the materials for the contractor, STRUCTURAL, to install and integrate into the structure’s final design. Last, a protective coating was applied to the structure’s interior and exterior.