Corrosion Control Solutions

Our goal is not just to repair the damage caused by corrosion, but to determine the root cause and protect our client’s assets from future damage through the installation of corrosion control protection solutions.


Solutions for Corrosion Control & Prevention

Because of the potential complexities surrounding the diagnosis, repair, and prevention of structural corrosion, owners should partner with a specialty contractor with extensive corrosion repair expertise and proven field procedures and experience. STRUCTURAL’s vast experience in this area allows us to help owners identify the root cause of the corrosion problem, select the appropriate solution, and then handle the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the system that is put in place.

Industry-Leading Specialty Contracting Expertise

galvanic corrosion protectionWhen it comes to corrosion control, STRUCTURAL’s goal is not just to repair the damage caused by corrosion, but to determine the root cause and protect our client’s assets from future damage through the installation of corrosion control protection solutions. Such solutions include:

  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
  • Sacrificial Galvanic Systems
  • LifeJacket® CP Systems
  • Thermal Sprayed Coatings
  • Internal & External Anodes Systems
  • Protective Coatings, Sealers & Waterproofing Systems

Our Commitment to Safety and Preplanning

STRUCTURAL’s project management and field personnel carefully preplan every project. Our crews address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency and potential disruption to ongoing operations.

STRUCTURAL crews have the manpower to complete projects under the tightest schedules, or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption.

Technology-Driven Solutions for Corrosion Protection

STRUCTURAL specializes in integrating technology-driven corrosion control solutions through our specialty contracting capabilities and the value-added products and services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company).

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Design-Build Solutions

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIESBy leveraging the products and engineering support services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group company, and through other strategic alliances, STRUCTURAL can provide customers with turnkey, value-added, Investigate-Design-Build solutions to corrosion-related problems.

Turnkey services typically start with a comprehensive condition assessment. The findings of such an assessment allow us to consider various solutions, and ultimately lead to the selection and design of a corrosion system that is most appropriate for the situation. Design work may incorporate one or more of a wide range of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ corrosion control products.

Up-front estimation of the total cost of the solution, including corrosion control products and systems as well as infrastructure repair and installation of the corrosion control system, is provided through STRUCTURAL. Likewise, our experienced and knowledgeable crews have been trained to handle the repair of the corrosion problem and installation of the corrosion protection solution—this includes quality control oversight, and even ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system, if requested. This turnkey, single-source approach to the project means that STRUCTURAL is able to provide a seamless experience to customers—from initial design through installation.





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