Comprehensive Post-Tensioning Repair Services

In addition to our contracting services, STRUCTURAL also offers highly specialized products and services including investigation, design support, repair and replacement components through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group company.


Strengthening Solutions

As an alternative or supplement to post-tensioning repair, STRUCTURAL offers experience installing the latest advanced strengthening technologies.


Post-Tensioned Structure Modification

STRUCTURAL has provided solution building assistance and field execution of post-tensioned structure modification for things like M/E/C openings and stairwells.


Post-Tensioned (PT) Concrete Structure Repair & Maintenance Services

Post-tensioning (PT) is one of the most advanced and efficient technologies used to reinforce concrete. The forces contained within post-tensioning tendons demand that owners, designers and contractors who maintain these structures have a high level of technical knowledge and skills to ensure the safety of the structure and of individuals working on, near or in the vicinity of a post-tensioning system repair.

STRUCTURAL provides our specialized contracting services to owners, engineers and contractors to help build solutions for ongoing maintenance, repairs and modifications to all types of post tensioned and prestressed concrete structures. Our PTI (Post Tensioning Institute) certified crews and project teams have established stringent technical guidelines and quality standards for field repair procedures to meet project requirements while maintaining the integrity and safety of the structure, and those around it.

Our most common services for post-tensioned concrete structures include:
  • Buttonhead repair system

    Repair and replacement of damaged or deteriorated post-tensioned and mild reinforcement
  • post-tensioned slab opening

    Modifications to existing post-tensioned structures (i.e. slab openings, M/E/C penetrations)
  • External post tensioning

    Strengthening: restoring or adding load carrying capacity
  • barrier coating parking structure

    Protection: installation of protective systems including barrier coatings and electrochemical treatments



Value-Added Solutions for Post-Tensioned Concrete

When teamed with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, a Structural Group Company, STRUCTURAL delivers a comprehensive range of products and services including:

  • Post-Tensioning Repair Products & Systems - standard and customized products for reinforcement repair/restoration

  • Strengthening Systems

  • Corrosion Control and Protection Systems

  • Investigation & Assessment Support

  • Engineering & Design Support

  • Post-Tensioning Systems for New Construction


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ PT repair offering is designed to assist engineers, owners and contractors to maintain or extend the service life of their PT structures - by providing solutions throughout the entire assessment and design process.

Visit to learn more about STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ PT repair products and services.


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